The Maine Educators for the Gifted and Talented (MEGAT) has been organized to

further the common good of gifted education in the State of Maine.  This mission will be achieved by meeting the following goals:

Supporting development of programs for gifted and talented youth in Maine

Disseminating news and information to professionals interested in gifted and

talented youth

Fostering the professional growth of educators in order to serve the needs of

gifted and talented youth

One way to accomplish this is to honor those who exemplify our goals.  

Did you know MEGAT offers awards to outstanding

educators, students, and others?

Now more than ever, especially during these precarious times for Maine schools, it is

important for us to spotlight outstanding people throughout the state involved with gifted

and talented programs.  MEGAT sponsors three distinct annual awards to help

recognize outstanding individuals:

Maine Gifted Educator of the Year

This award is presented to a Maine gifted and talented educator who best

exemplifies excellence in teaching gifted students, the ability to meet the needs

of gifted students, and a commitment to furthering the development of their

teaching skills.  The Awards committee considers: Length of service, professional
development, innovation, impact, passion and advocacy when evaluating for this award.
Thanks! (Nomination deadline is April)

Educator Nomination Form

Maine Exemplary Service Award

Teachers, parents, administrators, mentors, or community volunteers who have

contributed in a significant way to the education of gifted and talented youth are

eligible to be nominated for this award.  (Nomination deadline is April)   


Distinguished Student Award

This program recognizes excellence in young children between the grades of 3 and 8 who have distinguished themselves in academics, leadership, or the arts.  Applications are due (postmarked) May 7th. 

Student overview.pdf

Student Nomination form

MEGAT Award Release form.pdf


For more information about Maine’s awards or awards at the national level, 

contact Leslee Mahon, MEGAT Awards Committee Chair, 

Gifted and Talented Teacher, MSAD #1
Zippel Elementary School, 42 Griffin Street
Presque Isle, Maine 04769
, 207-764-8106.

Nomination forms can be found on the MEGAT website:


                       Joshua                                   Morgan 

Joshua Thibeault

Joshua is a 12 year old sixth grader at Mount Ararat Middle School in Topsham, Maine.  He is a self-directed learner who has mastered approximately ten computer languages on his own.  Josh has many extraordinary projects including the creation of GameRoom 1.O where people can play hangman and other learning games.  One of the most amazing programs that Josh has designed is a business website called “Thibeault’s Services”.  This is a website for Josh’s lawn care business and customers can hire him for several jobs.  Josh’s website allows him to track jobs, billing and payments. Josh created this website using computer programming language, rather than relying on a ready-made template.  On top of programming, Josh has an interest in engineering and he is currently constructing a computer-controlled robot arm. Joshua is the son of David and Stacy Thibeault.
Morgan Price

Morgan is an 11 year old sixth grader at the Dr. Levesque Elementary School in Frenchville, Maine.  She is a compassionate young girl with an interest in helping children with Cancer.  Morgan’s grandmother battled the disease, and Morgan wants to make a difference in the lives of kids with Cancer.  Rallying behind a kindergarten student who was diagnosed with Leukemia has given Morgan a goal of raising money to donate IPads for students with Cancer to use in the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital.  Morgan has raised over $500.00 through bottle redemptions and a brochure supporting discounts at local businesses.  Morgan has become an excellent example for the student population and she plans on writing a children’s book which features the life of a child with Cancer. Morgan is the daughter of Cameron and Stacey Price.